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Our History

Knights IT Solutions started out with a kid with a passion for computers.
It all started when Jonathan was giving his first computer, an Intel 386. Spending more time inside the computer than acutally using it. Discovering the possibility of upgrading to a Pentium 1 changed everything.  
The passion for computers turned out to be in demand for support and not being able to land a IT job because he had no credentials to back his knowledge up. He was forced to alternative route. Starting JD Computers in 2009
With the success of JD Computers, the business started to grow and more help was needed. It was at this moment Jonathan realized that they would always be seated at a round table during there meetings and strategy sessions.
In 2011 JD Computers was renamed and registered as Knights IT Solutions. Many customers would agree that Jonathan and his team are surely knights in shining armor.

Victory is a Choice