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Knights I.T Solutions, started back in 1998 when my Intel 386 was upgraded to a Pentium 1.

The 1st thing I noticed was the speed, the ability to do more. This really sparked my interest in understanding computers and what else I could with my new found friend. 

Curiosity grew into passion, my passion led to business and giving customers service driving by passion set me apart from the rest.  

Gradually growing from my room, to a little garage then to a shop where the Knights came about. The Knights service was what customers were after. Sadly after 4 years I had to close up shop, but continued to freelance my services. 

I always wanted to make a dent in the I.T industry with regards to adding that additional customer service that is not necessarily associated with “the I.T guy” setting the standard in terms of serving customers knowing that we support there business, allowing them to focus on running there business.  

Knights I.T believes in trust, confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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inside of hard drive
inside of hard drive
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Knights I.T Solutions (PTY) Ltd

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